Party Time!

It’s become tradition for me to throw one big party every year to mark my birthday. Somehow it has become my annual belated birthday party. 50% on purpose and 50% procrastination. So in any case, we’re on for Saturday September 30th. If you happen to be in town that day please feel free to drop by.



So I haven’t posted in atleast a month, things have been CRAZY.
In the midst of everything I was able to complete the first of my new t-shirt line ideas, entitled Gigantikal. I like to say that around the house when referring to things of immense size and thought I had invented a word. But infact, gigantical apparently is in the dictionary. I decided to spell it with a ‘k’ instead and now I still feel clever.

So here’s a preview with some of the color variations that will soon be available from my online shop:


A few nights ago, we went out to the Shanghai Dumpling Shop with Lisa, Alexis, Tom and Molly. Was a wonderful night out and I hope we turn this into somekind of monthly dining club.

Mose Allison, Burning Skulls and Chinese New Year

Been really busy. Hopefully I can start posting more often. The new job kicks ass. I still get to work from home, and from appearances it doesn’t seem like my life has changed all that much.  Ok, so happy Chinese New Year!  New Year’s Eve dinner with the inlaws was cool. I hadn’t seen them in awhile. So far this year has been great – I hope it’s a sign of things to come. Thursday night the wife and I went to Yoshi’s (Sushi & Jazz) at Jack London Square in Oakland. We went to see Mose Allison, my favorite jazzman. My friend Walt introduced me to Mose’s music 11 years ago. He described him as “Blues went to college.” Infact, he earned a PhD in sarcasm, irony, clever rhymes and virtuosity on the piano. Seeing him live was thrilling. After 54 years on the road, the man’s voice is beautiful and fingers haven’t slowed down one bit. I hope he comes back later this year.

Did I say burning skulls? I just finished a poster for The Skegs, a local surf band. Check it out!

Tourist Trap gig poster


Starting a New Blog

Well, here I go again with a new blog!

A lot of exciting things happenning right now. First I’ll be
starting a contract gig with Ebay soon. Things have been good artistically as well. I think I’m finally out of my “post-art school depression.” I feel like I used to before college – I’m actually drawing 4 or 5 nights a week again.

Last year I got into a comic book called Hawaiian Dick. Picture Hawaii around 1955. Hard bolied detectives and a splash of the supernatural makes this a fantastic cocktail. Currently I’m reading the second series and decided to post something on their official message board. The author and artist of the series said they like my work!!!

Anyway, here’s the piece I posted: