The Donnas: Saturday Night!!!

So last night I meet up with my buddy Alan. Our mission: to head down to SOMA (that’s South of Market for you tourists) for food, booze and Rock n’ Roll. The Donnas (originally from Palo Alto) returned home to rock Slim’s.

Confidence is sexy. These ladies have been playing music together for years and it shows. Tori’s drumming and Maya’s driving bass kept shaking my ribs! Brett’s attitude and singing kept up a very happy upbeat party atmosphere. And as for the guitarist Allison, I have nothing but respect! Perfect timing, fat crunchy riffs, and blazing solos make her glue that holds their AC/DC meets the Ramones sound together. Oh yeah all that and she’s hot too LOL !!!

Booze, babes and Rock n’ Roll… what more could a couple of guys out on the town ask for!

Mose Allison, Burning Skulls and Chinese New Year

Been really busy. Hopefully I can start posting more often. The new job kicks ass. I still get to work from home, and from appearances it doesn’t seem like my life has changed all that much.  Ok, so happy Chinese New Year!  New Year’s Eve dinner with the inlaws was cool. I hadn’t seen them in awhile. So far this year has been great – I hope it’s a sign of things to come. Thursday night the wife and I went to Yoshi’s (Sushi & Jazz) at Jack London Square in Oakland. We went to see Mose Allison, my favorite jazzman. My friend Walt introduced me to Mose’s music 11 years ago. He described him as “Blues went to college.” Infact, he earned a PhD in sarcasm, irony, clever rhymes and virtuosity on the piano. Seeing him live was thrilling. After 54 years on the road, the man’s voice is beautiful and fingers haven’t slowed down one bit. I hope he comes back later this year.

Did I say burning skulls? I just finished a poster for The Skegs, a local surf band. Check it out!

Tourist Trap gig poster


Another Audition…

My '62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster
My '62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster

Well this was my 2nd band audition this week. Jammed with a guy named Bill McLauglin, who plays a pretty mean bass. He plays in a very aggressive manner. He wants to do a combination of surf and hard rock and punk. Anyway, we had a decent jam. Not sure if he’ll call me back for another jam. Our styles weren’t exactly similar, but it’s not entirely impossible that he may call back. In any case, I’ll keep working on my own music till I get another band together.

Excitement continues…

My '62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster
My '62 Reissue Fender Stratocaster

So last night after my last post actually, I had my “audition” with Larry Chandler of local surf band, The Skegs.  Well it was more of a get to know eachother and jam session. It was a good first meeting. Larry plays in a very flowery, atmospheric way.  Almost lyrical (if you can imagine a guitar behaving lyrically).  My approach to surf music is more angular with edgy chords. I like to play in an aggressive manner.

We mostly showed eachother some of our newer songs we had been writing, and we had a few moments of synchronicty. We both saw there would be some great potential for our dueling guitars to create some fun and exciting music. I hope he calls back and wants me for another jam.

On the job front, I just signed my paperwork with Ebay today. I can’t wait to get started!

Working on a new pinup illustration… stay tuned for me to post when it’s done.