The Beginnings of My Next Guitar

Behold! This is the humble beginning of my next guitar. (Guitar number 6 for those keeping score.) I’m taking to “Doc” Keith Holland at the Guitar Hospital tomorrow.


Some details:
Body: Res-O-Glas fiberglass in the Valco Supro Airline style by Guitar Kits USA
Neck: Eastwood Guitars Airline reproduction
Pickups: 2 GFS Humbuckers from Guitar Fetish dot com

This ax is going to be a serious Rock ‘n Roll machine! I’m going for a modern minimalist look with only 2 knobs (volume) and a 3-way pickup selector.
Though I’m doing a modern take on this vintage design in general, I’m opting for a retro Bigsby-style tremolo system. On the electronics side of things, I’m skipping tone knobs entirely. More importantly, I’m getting these humbucker pickups coil-tapped. I’ll have a wider spectrum of sounds available as I can switch from single-coil to double-coil pickup sounds on a whim.

Here’s a preview of how I want this guitar to be:

Stay tuned for progress on this project…

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  1. Hi Sid,
    Taking the project to Keith Holland is the right place to go, perhasp you got the tip from Bob D., that is how I learned of Keith. He does great work and I would trust him with any of my axes. Keith is the master as far as I am concerned.

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