Who Were Those Masked Men?

Ha! It was Los Straitjackets back at Slim’s in San Francisco.

Kristen and I hooked up with James and Mark for food, drinks and one of our favorite bands. This time it was pure Straitjackets…. the boys weren’t touring with any guest vocalists or burlesque dancers. Yet, they still rocked the house with their instrumental rock and roll pulling from surf, blues, rockabilly, spy among their various influences.

After their set, Southern Culture on the Skids took the stage and rocked! I’d never seen them live before and was quite impressed. Also during the Southern Culture set Los Straitjackets guitarist Daddy-O Grande was walking through the bar – still wearing his Mexican wrestling mask and suit. I got to shake his hand! Check out both bands if you have the chance to see them. Hopefully, Los Straitjackets will be back again soon.

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