Spy Tunes and Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine!

Last night we met up with Lisa and Tommy for a fantastic night of cocktails, music and comedy at San Francisco’s famous Bimbos 365 Club!   Opening band Project: Pimento supplied 60s spy/lounge/jazz/rock music that could’ve been an alternate soundtrack to the Connery-era  James Bond films.

Then after a short break, the headliners Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine rocked the main stage.   If you’ve never heard of them, you’re in for a treat.  They take popular rock,rap,metal, and top 40 songs and turn them into swinging lounge music.  Richard Cheese is also a sharp-tongued quick witted comedian who seems to actually feed off  random interrruptions from hecklers in the audience.  He actually told one guy he’d never get a dat making the dolphin noises he was yelling… and then got him to tell us his facebook screen name so that we could all take out our phones and add him as a friend because… there was no other way he’d have any friends.  If you ever have a chance to see them live, please do so! You won’t be dissappointed.

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