Hotel Rwanda

Hi. Just got back from watching the movie Hotel Rwanda starring Don Cheadle. This is probably the best movie I’ve seen in the
last year. It’s an intense film, and one that shouldn’t be missed. For some reason, among its various Academy Award nominations it hasn’t been given one for Best Picture. Hollywood jackasses.

It made me think that with all the problems in the world, like the Darfur genocide in Sudan, that if the US will actually do something this time. Various people in the media have said the key to making the
world love and respect the US would be to actually do helpful things around the world instead of just showing up and blowing things up. I wish we took our troops out of Iraq (they don’t want us there anyway),
finish the job in Afghanistan (rebuild and capture that bastard Bin Laden) and help people out in Sudan and anywhere else people are being oppressed. Idealistic? Definately. Go see the movie.

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