The Anniversary Report

Yeah it’s been awhile since my last post. Things have been hectic to say the least. So
today is a huge double anniversay for me and the wife. 5 years married
and 14 years together. Its amazing where life leads two people who met
in highschool.

So why the radio silence? Well first there’s
work. I’m the webmaster for UltraCade Technologies, purveyors of fine
arcade gaming entertainment. Check us out at

Other highlights include my wife’s dance company, Element Dance Theater
recently peformed down in Los Angeles… Venice to be exact. It was a
great trip, and Element’s most recent work “Zoetrope” is nothing short
of amazing.

What else? Well, I’m working a few freelance gigs
including an illustration/postcard & poster design that’s almost
approved. I’ll be posting that soon. I’m also playing World of Warcraft
occasionally. Best MMORPG I’ve ever played. I say occasionally because
you can actually play for 30 minutes and feel you’ve accomplished a
small set of goals. Great gameplay and the community so far has been
fun and helpful. If you’re ever on the Kilrogg server – look me up on
the alliance faction. (my characters are Shankar and Isharah).

stay tuned for more announcements soon. =)

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