Adventures in Los Angeles: Day 2

We began the day by shopping for a replacement camera. While we were out we bought some stuff for Swaga’s apartment, and grabbed lunch at the Jones Cafe. First time I’ve ever had wasabi mashed potatoes. The day was really low-key till the evening. We met up with my brother and hit a fantastic sushi joint. Wish I could remember the name of the place!

Then we were off to a special party for LA Gear shoes…by invitation only of course. A huge nightclub space, with DJs spinning their music, cameras and tons of hollywood hipsters everywhere. I think LA Gear is updating their image and they used this party to give away shoes from their new line. My brother was lucky to get on the freebie list and scored a fancy pair of shoes. The bar was sponsored by Bacardi Rum, so the booze was flowing and we only had to pay tips. Afterwards, we hit a birthday party for an ex-coworker of my brother’s. We went to the Bungalow Club. Swaga seems to know somebody everyplace we go, so it was fun to watch him in action.

All in all it was a mellow and fun day. Stay tuned for the true story of Day 3!

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