Adventures in Los Angeles: Day 3

Friday, our last day at my brother’s apartment. We were off to look at more art. This time we went to the La Luz de Jesus Gallery the epicenter of “low-brow” art. I’ve been wanting to visit the place for a few years now. I’v also got a few friends who’ve had their works displayed there recently. I’m considering submitting some of my work, so i’m brainstorming on some themes and style. The gallery has an amazing store as well, with some interesting toys, jewelry and a fantastic selection of books covering art of all sorts.

My only complaint about the place is the staff. They are jerks who apparently find it beneath them to respond to a polite “hello” or “How are you doing?”. Kristen and I were the only people of color in the store, and I’ve dealt with enough people to recognize a more discreet form of racism. Apparently being a caucasian check-out clerk who dresses like a bum in a trendy gallery is somehow superior to me. Strange they can sell statues of my gods, but can’t actually treat me nicely. I wonder if they’ll kiss my ass if I ever get my work displayed there.

Anyways we then got some lunch (back to Palm’s Thai – sorry no Elvis at lunch) and then went out in search of the Pacific Design Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was a little dissappointed. Apparently, the MOCA is split into 3 facilities and the one we went to was a very small display space covering 2 floors. We saw the work of a Cuban artist who is also an architect. He creates many models of utopian designs for educational centers as well as interesting mixed media work. Usually a diptych of blacnk and white photos of a location. One before, and one after the main building has been demolished. He then recreates the outlines of the building over the original location. Interesting exhibit but also dissapointing since that space was so small. We should’ve hit the La Brea Tarpits instead!

Now it was time to head for Torrance. We were going to stay with Andre and Miriam for the next 2 days. They’re wonderful hosts and they took us up to Santa Monica to the Monsoon Cafe in Santa Monica. Really excellent food in a setting that makes you feel you’re dining in French Indo-China!

We ended the evening rather late… Andre and I stayed up playing video games and making gin & tonics!

Stay tuned for Day 4…

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