Adventures in Los Angeles: Day 4

Saturday morning. Miriam made a big German breakfast for us. Some kind of German bread, and a huge spread of fine cheeses, jellies, jams, sausages and other various coldcuts. After a fun morning with the Bremer’s we headed back to western LA to meet up with Jyoti.

She drove us to see the condo where Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered, and we then ate lunch. After we had our fill of salads we headed out west on the Pacific Coast Highway. Our destination? The massive Hindu temple in the Malibu Hills. The drive was scenic and just driving up along the canyon and hills made the journey and the temple seem like a mystical journey. The temple itself is beautiful. Peaceful and surrounded by lush greenery, trees and the mountains. The temple is done in the South Indian style with statues of guardian demi-gods, monsters and lions everywhere. Up on the stepped towers, each level has statues of the various gods and goddesses.
We walked around the temple grounds, and communed with the Gods. We decided to go after I had shot about 40 pictures of the temple!

On the way back to Jyoti’s place we stopped off for some Boba tea, and in general just had a relaxing time. Evening was approaching so we returned to the Bremer domocile and were chauffered to Culver City for dinner at Paco’s Tacos. This place is amazing. It’s just a casual family-style Mexican restaurant – with an average wait of one hour to get in. The food is fantastic and the workers there are very friendly. You won’t be dissappointed!

Stay tuned for Day 5…

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