Steven Seagal kicked my ass

Yeah you read that right. It’s true…except he did it sonically. Let me explain: Steven Seagal, international-martial-arts-action-star (who always looks constipated) is also a musician. The man sings and plays the blues on his Gibson Firebirds and Flying Vs backed by an 8 piece band.
For weeks my coworkers and I joked we were going to see him. Yeah we were all thinking the same thing… get some drinks and heckle the guy while he pretends to be a musician. After a bit of internet research we soon discovered that Seagal has recorded 2 albums of his own material and toured around the world. We decided that at best it would be a mediocre show and we’d get some cocktails and laugh. You know just have a good time. Man were we wrong!

It was Tuesday night, June 6th. I met up with my coworkers: John, Joey, David and Kevin at the legendary Filmore. We were also joined by my cousin Ken and his date as well as my friend Fernando. After the openning act (a Scottish folksinger-songwriter) finished… the Steven Seagal band hit the stage!

Steve can play! And he can sing! And i hate to admit this but he ROCKED. Yes, you read it correctly – Steven Segal ROCKED!!!
Now I’m not about to buy his CDs, but I would actually go back and watch him live again.

After the show we bought some Seagal junk and stood in line to get his autograph. The man was silent barely saying 2 words. Somehow David got the best autograph. It read: “To David, love Steven Seagal”. We’re jealous – he just looked at us and quickly signed his name.

Needless to say it was a night we’ll never forget.

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