The Realities of Making Video Games

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What a week. Nonstop excitement. Yeah…so things have been heating up at work. Working for a videogame company sounds cool… I won’t lie it is cool… but it’s also a lot of hard work. Especially when you are approaching a serious deadline. After a beautiful day out with Kristen on Saturday, I had to go into work on Sunday. And I don’t mean like a few hours… I’m talking noon to midnight. It’s just the way things work out.

Anyway the week wasn’t all bad. The highlight was going to the Industrial Light & Magic/LucasArts campus in San Francisco’s Presidio.
What an amazing and creative place. On a side note the cafeteria was awesome with atleast 12 chefs cooking various types of food from: Italian, Mediterranean, burgers to sushi! I got to see a lot of beautiful concept art (so inspiring!) as well as artifacts from several movies from my youth. I stood infront of the life-size prop of Han Solo frozen in carbonite! And across from it was a hilarious lifesize Jar Jar Binks also frozen in carbonite. I’m impressed that George Lucas would let that stay in the lobby! There were various models and props from Ghostbusters, Inner Space as well as the expected hundreds of Star Wars props like original Darth Vader and Boba Fett armors.

Back to reality. Working on our game has been draining lately. But I’m staying ahead of schedule and continuing to crank out some of my best interface and screens yet.

I’m hoping we don’t work more weekends, but I know eventually I will have to again. The schedule is just too busy and we’ll all be making personal sacrifices to ensure deadlines are met. Funny, I didn’t see summer going this way…

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