I just recently completed work on a seriously cool project – creating art for the upcoming collectible card game Reckoning.


My client was a delight to work with.  They had their vision and plan set well before looking for an artist.  I got to work off of some of the best project specs ever. Their core game concepts and lore were well planned and each art assignment wasn’t just well thought out but well researched as well.  In addition to doing my job well I wanted to offer ideas to make their concepts stand out from other established fantasy tropes.  My client was so open to hear what I thought that it felt more like a collaboration than directed work.

My mission not only included the illustrations, but also to create the front and backs of the cards.  I also picked out fonts and created icons and the game’s logos as well.

Reckoning will be making its debut on KickStarter very soon!  For more information you can get more info at:  The Reckoning official website, or Reckoning on Twitter, or Facebook .

As usual, you can see more of my work in my gallery.

Stay tuned for more art!



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