LA 2006 Day 4

Breakfast! King’s Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant in Torrance. Good stuff. Afterwards, we headed a little further south to Little Saigon, an awesome Vietnamese community with excellent shopping, and an awesome mall that almost makes you believe you’re shopping in Vietnam. Last year we saw a Buddhist monk who was doing somekind of meditation infront of a large bush in the parking lot. We saw him there again. Apparently he is always there. I wonder if its some sort of pennance.

We did some shopping then returned to Andre and Miriam’s to hang out and relax. We got in touch with my brother and got ourselves invited to a birthday party in West Hollywood. After dinner at a Thai Restaurant, they decided to stay home, so we drove back into LA to meet my brother.

We hit the East West bar. Pretty popular place and quite busy. After some cocktails we moved down the street to The Abbey, where my brother had taken us last year. Overall it was a fun evening.

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