A very pleasant Sunday

We had amazing weather here in San Francisco! It was almost a tropical paradise… and weather this good around this time of year is rare!

Kristen and I walked down the street and got ourselves some brunch at Darla’s. We then strolled into Golden Gate Park. Our destination was the Conservatory of Flowers and the Butterfly exhibit therein. Though we’ve lived in the neighborhood for 8 years or so, we’d never gone inside the Conservatory before. I believe it was originally built in 1896 for some kind of fair. Inside there are plants from tropical areas of the world. The butterfly exhibit was neat! there were all sorts of butterflies flying around us going about their business going from flower to flower, plant to plant to drink nectar and polinate.

As we walked back outdoors we heard loud music. It was Gnarls Barkely’s hit “Crazy”. It sounded live. Turned out a local radio station was doing a concert and festival. We rushed over, found ourselves a spot on the hill next to Speedway Meadow and watched the band perform the last 15 minutes of their set. A little while later the B-52’s hit the stage. So we stuck around and watched a good portion of the set. How cool was that? Free concert!

Later that evening we hung out with Kristen’s cousin Curtis, back from a year of studying and adventuring in Beijing. You can check him out at www.djloo.com/blog

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