Rock en Espanol

Saturday night Kristen and I hooked up with Alan and hit the Red Devil Lounge. One of our favorite bands Los Straitjackets were on tour and passing through San Francisco. Now I’ve written about these guys before but if you’re new around here, this should set you straight: 4 dudes from Tennessee wearing lucadore (Mexican wrestling) masks playing surf & instrumental rock and roll. Furthermore, they only speak to the audience in rapid-fire Spanish with a thick American accent. These guys know how to put on a show.

On this tour they are supporting their new album: Rock En Espanol, vol 1. – a collection of covers of old school rock and roll as reworked by Mexican bands and Mexican-American bands from Los Angeles. The show rocked! Every year the masked men return to SF, they bring an all new rock and roll spectacle. This is one band that shouldn’t be missed.

Here’s a video of Big Sandy and Los Straitjackets performing Tallahassee Lassee aka Chica Alboratada.

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