The Jetsons Guitar

I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of my arsenal:  My Res-O-Glas Valco Airline “JB Hutto” reproduction.  It’s angular futuristic appearance led to some players calling it the Jetsons guitar!

A few months ago I wrote about the guitar I was designing from parts. (

Then, a few weeks ago I posted a photo of my current guitar collection.  (

I picked up this beauty on February 12th, and since then I’ve been playing it practically every day.  I figured maybe it’s time to finish this story!  This is my reproduction of the classic Valco Airline fiberglass guitar built between 1958-1968.   Valco also sold these guitars under the brand names of National and Supro.  I ordered most of the parts online and had guitar building and repairing GENIUS Keith Holland put this together for me after I was referred to his Guitar Hospital in Los Gatos, California.

Res-O-Glas Custom Supro Reproduction


  • Res-O-Glas body kit from Guitar Kits USA (you can arrange the electronics as you see fit & use almost any neck or pickups!)
  • Eastwood Airline Neck (custom Corian nut and frets filed down)
  • Acoustic Rosewood Bridge base with roller bridge on top
  • Tone Pro tuners
  • Bigsby vintage-style tremolo (TP 3643-001)
  • neck pickup: GFS  Power Rails Humbucker
  • bridge pickup: GFS Crunchy Rails Humbucker
  • electronics: 3-way pickup selector switch, coil-tapped humbucking pickups controlled by 2 push-pull volume knobs

This guitar is simply amazing!  I can play everything from Surf and Jazz to Thrash Metal.    The guitar’s fiberglass hollow body gives a rich full sound.  I play through a Line 6 digital amp modeler running through my Roland Jazz-Chorus 120 amp – allowing me to have a vast array of sounds to play with.   Tapping the neck pickup allows me to play fantastic sounding surf and rockabilly and when I’m playing Hendrix-style stuff the tone I get sounds better to me than my Stratocaster!   Using the bridge pickup alone can get me some serious hard rock and brutal heavy metal tones depending on the amp models I select.   I’m just starting to play with odd tapped and non-tapped combinations of both pickups, but this is the first guitar I’ve owned that sounded wonderful regardless of amp or effects settings or whatever style I felt like playing.

It’s even cooler knowing this guitar is one-of-a-kind.   I might even get around to posting some video of me playing this thing!

Res-O-Glas Custom Supro Reproduction

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