Mr. Sid’s Lounge version 21

Yeah, that’s right people…version 21. This site has been around since 1997… you know I’m gonna mess with it.

It’s been quite sometime since my last post… I’ve had a lot going on and fill you in on my next post.

There may be some minor glitches around the site this week… but I think overall we’re in good shape. Any weirdness will be corrected quickly.

Good night folks!

New Website!

Telephone Girl

Yes! I finally found time to get things restarted around here.
Welcome to Mr. Sid’s Lounge version 19! (Yes, to some 19 seems excessive but my site has been around since 1997.)

Over the next few days there will be a few tweaks here and there, so if you see something funky it’s probably just me working ons omething. Also the store is in the works, and I hope to be selling my tshirts and other creations very soon.

Stick around and enjoy some of my new art and music!

Starting a New Blog

Well, here I go again with a new blog!

A lot of exciting things happenning right now. First I’ll be
starting a contract gig with Ebay soon. Things have been good artistically as well. I think I’m finally out of my “post-art school depression.” I feel like I used to before college – I’m actually drawing 4 or 5 nights a week again.

Last year I got into a comic book called Hawaiian Dick. Picture Hawaii around 1955. Hard bolied detectives and a splash of the supernatural makes this a fantastic cocktail. Currently I’m reading the second series and decided to post something on their official message board. The author and artist of the series said they like my work!!!

Anyway, here’s the piece I posted: