It’s my birthday!

at 9:15pm I turned 33. Woo Hoo! Actually, aside from suffering from a bizarre hyper-alergy (probably brought on by my cleaning and dusting of my computer desk coupled with my hell-week of little sleep) has me coughing up junk. Gross I know.

Let’s see, Mom took me and Kris to see the film “Little Miss Sunshine” starring Greg Kinear, Steve Carell, and more. It’s smart, funny and an enjoyable romp with a truly disfunctional family. Then after a short nap and chai, we sat down for my birthday present. Mom cooked typical Bengali food that I grew up eating. Since I moved out I don’t get to eat this stuff often. Here’s what was on the menu:

  • steamed rice
  • chingri-macher-jhol (shrimp curry – also has zucchini!)
  • mangshor-jhol (literally “meat curry” with lamb, potatoes and spices)
  • aloo-bhaja ( thin strips of tumeric-spiced potatoes, with chilies. kind of looks like Indian french-fries I suppose)
  • a spicy mixed vegetable dish that included eggplant, green beans and potatoes
  • and for desert, my fave :
  • golab jamun (deep fried balls of cottage cheese, coated in brown sugar and floating in rose water. best served warm! )


So I haven’t posted in atleast a month, things have been CRAZY.
In the midst of everything I was able to complete the first of my new t-shirt line ideas, entitled Gigantikal. I like to say that around the house when referring to things of immense size and thought I had invented a word. But infact, gigantical apparently is in the dictionary. I decided to spell it with a ‘k’ instead and now I still feel clever.

So here’s a preview with some of the color variations that will soon be available from my online shop:


A few nights ago, we went out to the Shanghai Dumpling Shop with Lisa, Alexis, Tom and Molly. Was a wonderful night out and I hope we turn this into somekind of monthly dining club.

Spices II

Also last night, Kristen and I ate at Spices II. Lately we’ve been hooked on Taiwanese food and this place is another excellent and very affordable restaurant. This place also has the distinction of being the only Chinese restaurant I’ve gone to that did not have chili sauce available on the tables. Why? Because this place is the spiciest restaurant I’ve been to. Even the water is spicy! OK, just kidding…but if you’re in San Francisco and you’re not a spice-fearing pansy, this is a place you’ve got to try! Check out Spices II.