Recently Kristen and I have been obsessed with the short-lived science fiction series Firefly. It’s available on DVD and I highly recommend this show. Fox aired some of the episodes back in 2002 and ultimately cancelled it. Idiots.

The show is infact a cross between a Western and Sci-fi (some of my favorite genres). This show, much like the new Battlestar Galactica, is what great science fiction should be: stories about people, real-world issues and ideals – not just escapist, fantasy bullshit. Yes, there are cool special effects, and plenty of action. But you’ll also find stories with heart, well written characters and dialogue. It’s also fantastic to hear space cowboys rattle of Mandarin Chinese when swearing. Random? Yes. But absolutely fantastic. The DVD set has all 13 episodes. Make sure you check out the DVD Serenity after you watch Firefly. It’s the feature film from last year that continues the adventures from Firefly.

Really good stuff!
Browncoats forever!!!